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British Columbia, Canada

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Playing around with some enamel colour combos. Which are your fav? What other colour combos would you like to see? ...

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The magic of labradorite 🥰 So mysterious, so gorgeous! Do you love it?? ...

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Check out this great new festival coming to the Saanich Fairgrounds tomorrow! We’ll be there with bells on! Ok, maybe not bells, but definitely with baubles and beauties aplenty! Grab a beer in the beer gardens, enjoy the music and shop for somethin reeeeal nice for yourself 😉😁 ...

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We’re all set up and ready to go for the weekend here at the Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens in Courtney, BC. What a lovely venue! Come see me and enjoy all of the talented artists here. Saturday and Sunday 10-5 and Monday 10-4! ...

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A few new fun pairs of earrings hot off the soldering bench, with a few pairs reminiscent of spring’s first leafy stems ...

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Who’s ready to dive into ancient history with me? 🌿 Just got my hands on these stunning trilobite fossil castings, and I’m over the moon with how they turned out! 😍 Get ready to rock some prehistoric vibes because I’ll be adding a limited number of these beauties to my fossilized collection as pendants. Stay tuned for your chance to snag a piece of history! 🦖💎 #FossilLove #TrilobiteTreasures #AncientBeauty ...

8 4

New earring alert! Long and lovely, lightweight and ever so slightly dramatic with their oxidized patina on the inside. Who needs a pair of these babies?? Limited pre-orders available ...

16 8

🌿 Embracing the journey of growth and discovery! This weekend, I stepped out of my comfort zone and dove into a class to challenge my skills. Check out this reel to see a glimpse of the projects I completed. 💫 What are your thoughts? Please share your experiences so we can inspire each other to embrace new challenges! 🌟 #WeekendLearning #GrowthJourney #SkillBuilding #SilversmithingFun #ChallengeYourself ...

20 11

🌿 Dive into the depths of time with our latest addition to the fossilized series! Behold the mesmerizing Petoskey stone pendant, a relic from a coral colony that thrived 350 million years ago. 😮

Beyond its stunning visual appeal, this fossilized rugose coral holds deeper significance. It symbolizes the timeless dance of life and time, weaving millions of years of Earth’s history into its intricate patterns. 🌟 More than a geological wonder, it’s a token of resilience, continuity, and the everlasting force of nature. 🌿

#FossilizedSeries #AncientBeauty #Nature’sLegacy #fossilized #fossilizedcoral #fossilizedcoraljewelry #statementjewelry #talisman #talismanjewelry

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The newest addition to the fossilized family.. this gorgeous trilobite cuff 😍

Trilobite fossils were treasured as amulets by the ancients, from Egypt to Greece and Rome. Believed to hold mystical powers to ignite leadership, fortitude, and perseverance; they’re timeless talismans for your journey. 🌿

#AncientMagic #SpiritualWisdom #trilobite #trilobitecuff #trilobitejewelry #fossilized #fossilizedcollection

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HUGE shop update in the works. Head on over and check it out. I’ll be adding more new creations this week and replenishing stock on our usual suspects 🙂

And don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter as we have some surprises coming this summer that you won’t want to miss!

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