It’s been a whole lot of work trying to figure out how to organize and fit a silversmithing studio into 80 sq ft and make it not only function well but also make it secure for travelling. I did not want to have to take everything down for travelling days. And let me tell you, it was no easy feat! That being said, this is what I’ve come up with and I think it works and flows pretty good. Now let’s check out this space shall we?


Let’s start with the bench! This bench is actually a few different items of furniture Frankenstein’d together and installed on a lift to make it adjustable to any height I want as well as able to hold a lot of tools! I love it so much. It also doubles as my computer desk when I’m fulfilling orders and doing website updates.


Tool storage is a big must for a moving studio and as much as I was tempted to use one large unit, I had to make sure the weight was evenly distributed. So I separated the tools into stations for different tasks and it worked out really well! In the finishing section I have set up an ultrasonic and tumbler, along with corralling the various buffs, polishes, etc into small wood crates. There’s a small cabinet with all the waxes and carving tools, and a four-drawer mini dresser that houses all my hammers and my doming and shaping tools (on non-slip mats, of course).


And now we’re onto stone storage; so many stones!! It was truly painful trying to downsize from my previous stash but it had to be done.. I’d have been over the weight limit for sure! Once I did that, I purchased this Plano storage tote on wheels to store & secure all my stones & cabochons. It keeps everything organized, all in one place, and I can store it under my bench!! Hmmm, I think I may be way too excited about that..








As for metals, this cart has been ideal for metal storage and I’m able to secure it into place with a bungee cord when I’m on the move, perfect! Each tray holds a different metal with the more precious metals actually being stored at an undisclosed location in a safe 😉


Texture and patina have always been a huge part of my work, so of course that translates to my tools; and even tool holders. Below, pictured right, is a crusty vintage aviation mechanics toolbox that houses my soldering tools, torches, etc. On the left, my favourite anvil is aged and dimpled but transfers its glorious textures to the metals I forge on it. A stool from the kitchen works double duty; holding it at the perfect height for working, and also for storing ring mandrels within close reach.










Compact, mobile storage for finished pieces is a must, and this little zippered black beauty of a case on wheels satisfies both needs; tucking away beside my bench along with photography props, lights and camera when not needed.



And that, my friends, concludes this little tour of the studio and how it all fits in. In future, I’m hoping to paint and maybe install some wall organization but in the meantime, this setup is working out great! Also, I LOVE hearing from you, so be sure to leave your feedback and/or questions in the comments section below. Catch you down the road!